About Today is about tomorrow.
About Today is about tomorrow.

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"Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn't really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. "

 – Steve Jobs. 


BUSiPAY is a web and app-based solution that allows sales commissions to be paid out as soon as they are eligible. Traditionally, there is a waiting period ranging from several days to several weeks for an individual to receive their commission from a successful sale.

BUSiPAY fast tracks this entire process allowing money to be claimed within seconds, right into a nominated bank account.

In many industries, where sales commissions are critical to daily cash flow, BUSiPAY provides quick, easy access to money that is owed to an individual. It is not a loan nor a line of credit. There is no collateral nor any impact on credit ratings.

VET Education Portal

Vocational Education Training allows students to develop targeted and practical skills that can relate to a chosen career pathway. A VET course or certificate can be added to your studies while you're in year 11 or 12.

Our VET Education Portal delivers oversight and transparency to a student’s performance in their chosen course. Ranging from attendance to coursework submissions, and general behaviour throughout the duration of the course itself.

Reports can be automatically generated and communication between key parties is as simply as clicking a link.

It delivers a clear line of sight between parents, teachers, principals and course trainers so any issues with a student, anticipated or not, are clearly visible and can be addressed accordingly from the convenience of a smartphone or laptop.


Brainwell is a brain and mental health start up that is creating the fit bit of mental health. The wearables sector has exploded well beyond, Apple watches, Fit Bit and Whoop. About Today was chosen by Brainwell to partner the development of this new wearable, due to our deep understanding of the mental health sector, combined with the our future mapping process, and technology team.

Milk Database

Creating a cloud-based solution from a series of spreadsheets adds a level of redundancy and peace of mind to what can be a ticking time bomb to a business.

An spreadsheet contains dependencies on data that is editable, mathematical formulas that can be accidently deleted and information that is critical to commercial decision making.

We created such a cloud-based solution for a client, Floridia Cheese, who had a significant arm of their business running off such a series of spreadsheets.

The solution we created allowed the business owners to have much greater confidence in the numbers being presented to them and the stability of the overall system. It simplified an extremely complex ecosystem of intertwined spreadsheets into a solution that could be understood by anyone in the organisation.

Agile Workplaces Work from Home App

Post-pandemic, the work from home culture has become an accepted part of working life. This presents a problem to employers, who are legally obligated to provide a safe environment for their staff who work from home.

By leveraging the out-of-the-box features of most smart devices (such as camera and video) we developed a web-based tool allowing employees to complete a guided self-assessment of their working from home environment.

Taking about 15 minutes to complete, the report is instantly sent to an employer along with a series of “traffic light” recommendations on specific aspects of the environment. This visual guide provides a clear list that an employer is obligated to complete to ensure their employee’s working from home environment is satisfactory.

This system can be undertaken multiple times and with thousands of reports able to be completed simultaneously making it far more efficient and cost-effective than the traditional physical assessment of a home office completed by a 3rd party.