“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and again and bring their friends” – Walt Disney

Marketing is something that is ever-changing and never fixed. A concise marketing strategy must be in line with your objectives as a business and hit the “trigger” points of those you are communicating to.

A marketing campaign without a strategy is like taking a plane to the skies without it’s navigation instruments. Eventually you’re going to crash.

Bringing together our creativity, marketing experience and our partnership network, we can help create a strategy that will maximise the opportunities to achieve your business goals.


Creating and executing a marketing strategy is not a set-and-forget process. Leveraging your existing reputation, brand persona and existing client base helps generate a foundation to build on.

A marketing strategy needs to be a synergistic combination of our knowledge and experience in marketing, and your knowledge of your industry. Once the campaign has been executed, the data dictates where changes need to be made.

All the best marketing campaigns are iteratively adjusted as new data and insights come to light.

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We get it. SEO is a black hole where you pay money and nothing happens. Right?

It’s actually a lot more complicated than that. SEO is the process of positioning a website at the top of the organic Google searches for a given set of relevant search terms.

This is not a quick process, nor can it be “guaranteed” in terms of timelines, keyword ranking positions or website conversions.

In 2022, Google has about 200-odd metrics that it assesses when determine where to rank a website. Our role is to make sure those metrics are “correct” according to what Google wants.

Successfully doing that over a period of months, even years, results in top rankings. Our SEO process has enabled our clients to achieve top rankings for a collective volume of thousands of keywords.

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“What I love most about About Today is their attention to detail and creative approach to achieving the best results.” 
Mark McCammon
Founder of One Doorway


SEM is the paid advertising component of the Google search engine. Very simply, you are only charged by Google if someone clicks on your ad. So, attracting that engagement is very important since a prospect is expecting to see something very specific based on the presentation of that ad.

Creating, optimising and continuously improving an ad’s performance – and delivering that data as something meaningful, is where our experience and expertise comes to the party.

The end result is a set of ads optimised to deliver the most value (in terms of low costs to Google) that generate ongoing, consistent visibility for your business within Google’s search results.

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